My Short Bio

I was born and raised in the North Yorkshire area of England.

My objective is to create images that are uniquely mine. I’m not afraid to add creative effects to an image to produce that image the way I feel it should look.

Every quality image I produce is created with passion and personal interpretation in my own inevitable style. If I feel an image would make a good sketch I will convert them to drawings, or if I feel they need that dreamy look I will add a dreamscape effect. My images are only limited by my imagination. I often see the finished image in my mind before I’ve even taken the shot.

My Experience

I have been taking photographs since 1976.

I have my own studio equipment, which is portable and can be used in peoples homes or at venues. I have previously made a living from industrial and personal injury claims and wedding photography (which I no longer do).

How I Work

I can work alone, or with my two photographer friends to cover almost any assignment.

Hire Me Now

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